Watch Stratton (2017) Full Movie

Action, Thriller

MPAA Rating:R
Release Date:2018-01-05
Director:Simon West
Writers:Duncan Falconer, Warren Davis II
Stars:Dominic Cooper, Austin Stowell, Gemma Chan
Production:Atomic Arts, GFM films, SquareOne Entertainment


A British Special Boat Service commando tracks down an international terrorist cell.


Dominic Cooper (John Stratton)

Dominic Cooper

Austin Stowell (Hank)

Austin Stowell

Gemma Chan (Aggy)

Gemma Chan

Connie Nielsen (Sumner)

Connie Nielsen

Thomas Kretschmann (Grigory Barovsky)

Thomas Kretschmann

Tom Felton (Cummings)

Tom Felton

Jake Fairbrother (Spinks)

Jake Fairbrother

Tyler Hoechlin (Marty)

Tyler Hoechlin

Derek Jacobi (Ross)

Derek Jacobi

Lizzie Winkler (Alice)

Lizzie Winkler

Rinat Khismatouline (Greco, an Italian engineer)

Rinat Khismatouline

Igal Naor (Tariq Alawi)

Igal Naor

Bond on a budget - worth watching
24 July 2017 | by

I think reviewers are being a little harsh about this film. It's an action thriller featuring the SBS, MI6 etc. Mainly British cast with a couple of token Americans. Gemma Chan is superb, with a different actress her role wouldn't be memorable but she really helps things along. Derek Jacobi, unsurprisingly good. Unlike many reviews, I think Dominic Cooper did a good job, especially given the lack of time he had to prepare for this. Connie Nielsen however was an odd choice, her posh British accent varied in intensity and felt awkward. You can't compare this to a big budget Bond/Bourne/Mission Impossible, but I found it entertaining.

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