Watch Saturday Church (2017) Full Movie

Drama, Fantasy, Musical

Release Date:2018-01-12
Director:Damon Cardasis
Writer:Damon Cardasis
Stars:Margot Bingham, Regina Taylor, Evander Duck Jr.
Production:Spring Pictures, Round Films


A 14 year-old-boy, struggling with gender identity and religion, begins to use fantasy to escape his life in the inner city and find his passion in the process.


Margot Bingham (Amara)

Margot Bingham

Regina Taylor (Aunt Rose)

Regina Taylor

Evander Duck Jr. (Father Lewis)

Evander Duck Jr.

Marquis Rodriguez (Raymond)

Marquis Rodriguez

Peter Y. Kim (Mark)

Peter Y. Kim

Jaylin Fletcher (Abe)

Jaylin Fletcher

Luka Kain (Ulysses)

Luka Kain

José Báez (Man In Bodega)

José Báez

Mj Rodriguez (Ebony)

Mj Rodriguez

Stephen Conrad Moore (Marshall)

Stephen Conrad Moore

Kate Bornstein (Joan)

Kate Bornstein

Indya Moore (Dijon)

Indya Moore

It's still not easy being gay, but it's easier if you have friends
24 October 2017 | by

Saturday Church (2017) was written and directed by Damon Cardasis. It stars Luka Kain as Ulysses, a young gay African-American man who would like to be a cross dresser. He's tormented and bullied in school, and verbally abused at home by his aunt, who takes care of him.

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