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MPAA Rating:PG-13
Release Date:2017-10-20
Director:Ai Weiwei
Writers:Chin-Chin Yap, Tim Finch
Stars:Israa Abboud, Hiba Abed, Rami Abu Sondos
Production:24 Media Production Company, AC Films, Ai Weiwei Studio


Over 65 million people around the world have been forced from their homes to escape famine, climate change and war in the greatest human displacement since World War II. Human Flow, an epic film journey led by the internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei, gives a powerful visual expression to this massive human migration. The documentary elucidates both the staggering scale of the refugee crisis and its profoundly personal human impact. Captured over the course of an eventful year in 23 countries, the film follows a chain of urgent human stories that stretches across the globe in countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, France, Greece, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, and Turkey. Human Flow is a witness to its subjects and their desperate search for safety, shelter and justice: from teeming refugee camps to perilous ocean crossings to barbed-wire borders; from dislocation and disillusionment to courage, endurance and adaptation; from the haunting lure of lives left ...


Israa Abboud (Herself)

Israa Abboud

Hiba Abed (Herself)

Hiba Abed

Rami Abu Sondos (Himself)

Rami Abu Sondos

Asmaa Al-Bahiyya (Herself)

Asmaa Al-Bahiyya

Eman Al-Masina (Herself)

Eman Al-Masina

Maya Ameratunga (Herself)

Maya Ameratunga

Hanan Ashrawi (Interviewee)

Hanan Ashrawi

Peter Bouckaert (Himself)

Peter Bouckaert

Boris Cheshirkov (Himself)

Boris Cheshirkov

Marin Din Kajdomcaj (Herself)

Marin Din Kajdomcaj

Filippo Grandi (Himself)

Filippo Grandi

Hamza Khawalda and Family (Themselves)

Hamza Khawalda and Family

a desperate, poetic, haunting and deeply moving plea that has nothing but human beings up on the screen
21 October 2017 | by

Human Flow is n enormously vital and poetic act of cinematic empathy from Ai Wei Wei, with the equally simple yet wholly complex task of showing us these human beings and that want nothing more than to have a place to call home. Wei-Wei's goal is nothing short of giving to the world - not one singular group or nation, but everyone who should be connected as the human race - a view into what is a crisis across continents and ethnicity and dogma and so on.

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