Watch Freak Show (2017) Full Movie

Comedy, Drama

Release Date:2018-01-12
Director:Trudie Styler
Writers:Patrick J. Clifton, Beth Rigazio
Stars:AnnaSophia Robb, Abigail Breslin, Alex Lawther
Production:Flower Films (II), Maven Pictures


In the vein of CLUELESS and NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, FREAK SHOW tells the moving, heartwarming, and hilarious story of Billy Bloom, a boldly confident, wildly eccentric teenager, who faces intolerance and persecution at his ultra conservative high school, and decides to fight back on behalf of all the misunderstood freaks of the world by running for the title of homecoming queen.


AnnaSophia Robb (Blah Blah Blah)

AnnaSophia Robb

Abigail Breslin (Lynette)

Abigail Breslin

Alex Lawther (Billy Bloom)

Alex Lawther

Laverne Cox (Felicia Watts)

Laverne Cox

Bette Midler (Muv)

Bette Midler

Willa Fitzgerald (Tiffany)

Willa Fitzgerald

Ian Nelson (Flip Kelly)

Ian Nelson

Mickey Sumner (Dr. Vickers)

Mickey Sumner

Celia Weston (Florence)

Celia Weston

Doris McCarthy (Tourist)

Doris McCarthy

Michael Park (Principal Onnigan)

Michael Park

John McEnroe (Coach Carter)

John McEnroe

22 February 2017 | by

Trudie Styler's first feature film is about staying loyal to yourself and what you stand for despite being bullied and physically assaulted. That this theme touched a nerve during the Berlinale, where it was shown in the Generation14+ youth section, was clear with a raving audience afterwards and long lines waiting before the cinema.

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